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NBA2K18 - Loot market and opening flow

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

As part of the UI/Motion Graphics team, I created the user experience for the MyTeam Pack Market.

MyTeam Cards, Box, and Packs: Modeled, animated and assembled in Autodesk Maya and the game's engine.

UI/UX: Developed and animated the flow and experience when opening card packs.

Project Scope

The challenge was to redesign loot market and pack opening sequences of the basketball video game, NBA2K18. It involved redesigning menus and creating assets that felt dynamic and were able to swap textures for customized themes.

Video Overview

My Contribution

I was in-charge of designing and building the flow to completion and then pass on to engineers to make it functional in-game. My tasks included:

  • Designing the user interface.

  • Creating assets (box, pack, cards). These were modeled and animated in 3D.

  • Scripting user interaction using the game’s proprietary engine.

  • Animating the various states and movements of each asset.

  • Animating and designing a player reveal sequence where characters animates in.

Design Rationale

The plan here was to make sure the menus flowed smoothly from the other sections of the game. I accomplished this designing by designing 3D environment with different areas that serve as the background for these menus.

Packs and Boxes

I design these to feel as if they wanted to be cracked open. When selecting an box or pack, they’d open slighting prompting the user to select them.

Opening Sequence

On this sequence I wanted everything to feel as one. The boxes and packs the user open transform into the stage the content sits on top of. As the user selects the cards to flip over, they shake and glow inviting the user to flip them over.

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