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A closer look at some of my work in Video Games.

In 2016, on my yearly visit to my hometown. I took my camera and made this ♥️

A short film celebrating my hometown in The Dominican Republic.

Project Scope

This screen was part of the player builder flow, where the user creates a player before jumping into the main story of 2K22.

The menu is very advanced, it shows the different attributes the user can potentially obtain. The challenge here was on presenting this inevitably overwhelming information to the user in a way that makes sense.

My Contribution

I worked with game designers to come up with a layout for this section. I created and presented multiple wire frames with various layouts to organize all the information. I ended up splitting the screen into two sections; a simple and advanced view. The user is able to expand the content and see the more advanced stats.

My tasks included:

  • Creating various wire frames

  • Art directing the concept artist to create a final menu

  • Supporting the technical artist when building this screen


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