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NBA2K22 - Main Menu

Project Scope

Designing NBA2K22’s GEN5 main menu navigation and flow. The menu needed to highlight the game’s “Seasons.” This means the screen must thematically change while still containing critical information.

My Contribution

I was the UI and UX director for the multiple screens that form the main menu. My task included:

  • Creating wire frames for the user experience / flow of the screens

  • Directing concept artists in the design of the menus and assets

  • Building the menus using Autodesk Maya and the game engine

Design Rationale

I wanted to highlight each main feature of the game (MyCareer, MyTeam, MyNBA, WNBA, 2KTV) while giving attention to the seasons. I steered the design towards containing more dynamic elements. The producers and game designers could change the color pallet of the menu as well as the hero image on the right side to suit whatever theme they needed to implement. Parts of the background would get colorized to match the theme while the content inside each tile button remained the same. The tiles would play a video highlighting the selected game feature.

Early wire frames


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