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NBA2K22 - MyTeam Ascension

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Project Scope

The task was to design the interface and create the assets for a card flipping mini-game within NBA2K22. The user flips cards and earns prizes. One of those cards would take the player to a 2nd larger board with better prizes. On the 2nd board, the user can go up another time to a third, more rare board.

My Contribution

I collaborated with game designers to design the entire interface and assets. My tasks included:

  • Designing the user interface.

  • Modeling and texturing the environment

  • Scripting user interaction using the game’s proprietary engine.

  • Animating the various states and movements of each asset.

Design Rationale

The mini-game has three boards, each should feel more special than the previous. I created different environments for each board. In between, I added a camera animation moving from the ground level up to the sky. The user would “ascend” as they progressed. I designed the first board to look like a street block, the second a luxury basketball court, the third a rooftop above the clouds.


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